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Welcome aboard! The Jet Set Network is America’s newest television network Devoted to travel, culture, food and the on-the-go lifestyle.

Show us what you’ve got! We’re always looking for new shows and content to put on the air. Oh, and if you have short form shows, movies, segments, even your YouTube videos, we’re interested in those as well! Send it our way: [email protected]


Now the legal stuff: Just because you send us something doesn’t guarantee we’ll put it on the air. And we can’t be held responsible if a show/program/short that resembles yours ends up on our network.

Are you interested in airing our programming on your platform, website or station? Well, we think you’re pretty great, too! Our network is free to air so get in touch and let’s work together: [email protected]


From spots to SMTs, to billboards and banners we’ve got it all on the network and programmatic level. Let us know what you’re thinking: [email protected]