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WHO Director-General Warns Against Complacency As US Cases Climb Ahead of Thanksgiving

WHO director-general

World Health Organization warned against complacency as US COVID19 cases increase ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday. A day before Thanksgiving, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus raised his concern over the “false sense of security that vaccines have ended the pandemic”. The WHO Director-General encouraged even those who are vaccinated to continue wearing masks and maintain social distancing.

In the past week, new COVID19 cases in the US jumped by 10%. Deaths increased by 10% while hospitalizations also climbed by 4%.

WHO Director-General Warns Against Complacency

There were approximately 2.3 million air passengers on Wednesday according to the Transportation Safety Administration. That’s the most number of air travelers since the pandemic started.

With cold weather, more people are meeting indoors. Last Christmas, the US had its worst-ever spike in COVID19 cases. It reached more than 250,000 per day on January 11.

Dr. Bruce Farber, the chief of infectious disease at Northwell Health in New York said that Thanksgiving, Christmas and cold weather is “the perfect storm” for COVID.

Farber said that “I wouldn’t allow anybody to go to Thanksgiving who’s not vaccinated”. But as the vaccine’s effectiveness has proven to wane in a few months, Farber recommends getting booster shots as additional protection for the holidays.

Dr. Anthony Fauci is also saying the same thing. He said that the “overwhelming majority” of vaccinated Americans should get the booster dose. Fauci said last week that fully vaccinated individuals can gather for the holidays without concerns. However, Fauci recommends wearing masks when gathering indoors in places with a high number of cases.

He said that “When you’re with your family at home, goodness, enjoy it with your parents, your children, your grandparents”. He added that “There’s no reason not to do that”.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s data, 36 million Americans have already taken their booster shots. Also, more than 60% of the US population completed their COVID19 vaccine doses.


John Michael Jayme
John Michael Jayme
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