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Statement Regarding Legal Action Against Gailen David

Since August 2020 the partners of En Pointe Productions, LLC. have been involved in litigation against their former colleague, Gailen David.

In March 2020, David resigned his position within the company and as co-host of our travel and lifestyle program. In the days following his resignation he began to claim he was forced and locked out of the company and didn’t resign. That isn’t true.

After making such claims, Mr. David then resorted to extortion, blackmail and harassment techniques in an effort to pressure the partners of the company to pay him a severance. Evidence of this can be found in court documents in which David admits to sending the following message: ““I expect to be unblocked by all of you today on cellular phone, Facebook Messenger. Otherwise, I’ll pass communications to you through your friends, family, business associates, etc…”” The statement alludes to the actions which followed, all of which Gailen David admitted to in court, in which he created Twitter accounts that sent numerous messages to colleagues and personal and business contacts on the platform.

En Pointe Productions then filed an Emergency Motion for a Temporary Injunction against Mr. David and his actions in Circuit Court of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit in Miami. The court found that En Pointe Productions and its principle members would suffer immediate and irreparable injury, loss and/or damage if an injunction were not entered against Mr. David and issued the order.

However, it has come to light that Mr. David possesses an insurance policy, issued by State Farm, that pays at least $1,000,000 worth of legal fees for claims of defamatory remarks and slander. This allows Mr. David to say anything he wishes, true or not, and battle it out endlessly in court.

En Pointe Productions has negotiated, in good faith, the terms of a settlement, but Mr. David hasn’t accepted any offers including those presented by his own attorneys. Therefore, En Pointe has decided to withdraw the case against Mr. David merely because of the financial burden it places on the company.

We’re keenly aware this will allow the injunction to dissolve and Mr. David will undoubtedly continue his frivolous, foolish and adolescent behavior. However, we’ve chosen to refrain from all communication with Mr. David or commenting on his past or future actions. Instead we will focus on the future and continuing to produce our award winning programs.

If you should require any more information about the actions of Mr. David, please visit

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TJ Newman