united airlines flight experienced severe turbulence

22 Injured As United Flight’s Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Faced Severe Turbulence

A United Airlines flight made an emergency landing on Friday due to severe turbulence. The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner landed at New York Stewart International Airport, with more than 20 passengers reportedly injured. Seven of them were even taken to the hospital. 

The Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner flew from Tel Aviv and experienced severe turbulence as it was approaching Newark Liberty International Airport. Afterward, the plane didn’t push through with the planned landing at the airport. Instead, it ascended a few thousand feet and diverted to New York Stewart International Airport. 

In a statement, United said, “On Friday, United Flight 85 landed at Stewart International Airport (SWF) after reported high winds at Newark. One passenger deplaned due to a medical incident, and a few other customers were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness. The flight refueled and continued to Newark tonight.”

Severe Turbulence

After reports of severe turbulence, 25 EMTs and paramedics were at the New Windsor airport to respond to the passengers. Aside from “high winds,” there was also a “passenger medical emergency” that forced the plane to make an emergency landing. 

United said in a statement that one passenger had a medical emergency. On the other hand, “a few other customers were seen by medical personnel for possible motion sickness.” United Flight 85 landed at around 6:45. 

New Windsor EMS Chief Michael Bigg said “On arrival, our first EMS unit on the scene was encountered by a flight crew who stated they hit severe turbulence while landing at Newark and were diverted to New York International Airport and they advised our crew that they had multiple people on the plane complaining of nausea, some chest pain, from the turbulence.”

Bigg added that there were no major injuries. He said, “We evaluated about 30 people, and we transported 7 to the local hospital just for observation, no serious injuries or ailments. Most people just wanted to get checked out at the local emergency room.” 

United Airlines is currently under scrutiny by the Federal Aviation Administration over its recent mid-air mishaps. 


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