About Nikki Noya

Exercise & Fitness have always been an integral part of Nikki Noya’s life. After watching professional volleyball player Gabrielle Reece, Nikki became inspired and decided to try the sport. By her sophomore year of high school, she had made the varsity team, been (being) quickly named Team Captain and received the Scholar Athlete Award. Under Nikki’s leadership, her team ranked third in the nation. Her remarkable volleyball skills led to a full scholarship to the University of Rhode Island, where her team became the Atlantic 10 Conference Champions. With her team, Nikki traveled all over the world and upon her return she joined the AVP Next Pro Volleyball Beach Tour and played across the United States.

Through her extensive travels, she recognized how obesity, poor nutrition and lack of exercise was affecting the lives of so many around the world and across the United States. With the education and tools that she had acquired and the passion that she felt for helping others, she knew that she had to share her knowledge and give back what she had learned.

As a television expert, health and wellness correspondent for “The Jet Set,” wellness coach, and personal trainer she begins her message by imparting her belief that true beauty starts from within. She strives to empower everyone to achieve vibrancy, energy, radiance, and beautiful health through fitness, nutrition and balance. They discover the anti-aging benefits of nurturing nutrition and learn how food and movement can be their greatest beauty tools and ultimate allies.

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