American Airlines safety issues spotted by the pilots union

American Airlines Pilots Union Spotted ‘Significant Spike’ in Safety Issues 

The Allied Pilots Association said that it noticed a spike in safety issues. It has urged its members to be vigilant. 

In a memo on Saturday, the pilots union said “While United Airlines is currently under public and government scrutiny, it could just as easily be American Airlines.” The union reminded its members to not feel pressured to do something if it doesn’t pass the “smell test.” The union added, “Just because it’s legal doesn’t make it safe.” 

Problematic Trends in Safety 

The APA spotted “problematic trends.” This includes tools left in wheel wells and even collisions between planes as they are towed. There is also the “pressure to return aircraft to line service to maintain on-time performance due to a lack of spares.”

American Airlines replied to these allegations on Wednesday. It said, “safety at any airline is a shared mission and it’s especially true at American.” The airline added that it has a “robust safety program” that uses an “industry-leading safety management system.” 

Its safety program includes “a multitude of collaborative programs — and regular touchpoints — with the FAA and all our unions, including APA, to further bolster our strong safety record and enhance our ever-evolving safety culture.”

APA President Edsicher said that union leaders met with the airline’s senior management this month to discuss the safety issues. In a memo on Monday, Sicher said, “Thanks to the diligent efforts of the APA Safety Committee and Maintenance and Technical Analysis Committee, we now have management’s full attention.” 

He added, “We are likewise seeking a commitment that APA will have a seat at the table for the entire quality assurance process.” 

Safety Issues Under Scrutiny 

Safety issues have been under scrutiny by authorities in recent months, especially after the Alaska Airlines incident in January.

United Airlines announced last month that the Federal Aviation Administration will take a closer look at “multiple areas” of their operation. United Airlines suffered from different major safety issues such as losing a plane’s tire and losing a piece of its outer fuselage. 


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