falsified records on the Dreamliner

FAA Investigates Falsified Records on 787 Dreamliners 

The Federal Aviation Administration is launching an investigation into the recently discovered falsified records concerning 787 Boeing Dreamliner planes. A source puts the number of affected 787 Dreamliners to approximately 450. This includes around 60 that are still in the company’s production system. 

Boeing reported that workers at its South Carolina plant committed misconduct by reporting checks as completed even if it wasn’t the case. The documents showed that there is sufficient bonding and grounding of fasteners that connect the fuselage to the wings. The test ensures that the plane is properly grounded against electric currents, such as during a lightning strike event.

Falsified Records 

Boeing claims that the falsified records didn’t pose “an immediate safety of flight issue.” In an email sent to Boeing’s South Carolina workers by Scott Stocker, vice president and general manager of the 787 program, he claims that a worker noticed an “irregularity” and reported it to his manager. 

He wrote, “After receiving the report, we quickly reviewed the matter and learned that several people had been violating Company policies by not performing a required test, but recording the work as having been completed.” 

Stocker added that Boeing has “zero tolerance for not following processes designed to ensure quality and safety.” Plus, the company is taking “swift and serious corrective action with multiple teammates.” 

Boeing is inspecting the planes in question that are still in its possession, according to the FAA.

According to the FAA’s spokesperson, “As the investigation continues, the FAA will take any necessary action – as always – to ensure the safety of the flying public.” 

Safety Issue Not Yet Determined 

While there’s an investigation going on, the FAA has not yet determined whether there is a safety issue on the 787. 

Boeing declined to disclose the exact number of planes involved. However, it said that it is still gathering information about the situation. 


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