Double New Year celebration was ruined after the time travel flight was delayed

Flight Delay Ruins United’s “Time Travel” Flight

Passengers hoping to celebrate double New Year were disappointed after a flight delay ruined United Airlines’ “time travel” flight. United initially advertised on X, “You only live once, but you can celebrate New Year’s Eve twice!” According to United, it was the only US carrier that offers this opportunity. 

UA200 is a daily flight that departs from Guam at 7:35 AM and lands at Honolulu, Hawaii at 6:50 PM the previous day. Crossing the International Dateline during the seven-hour flight means that passengers get to do the countdown to 2024 twice. However, things didn’t go as planned as an inbound plane delayed the flight landing in Hawaii 30 minutes after midnight. 

Frustrated Passengers

A traveler said on X, “Great idea, too bad it got delayed.” The passenger added “I was supposed to be on this flight. Double new year isn’t happening anymore. Maybe next year?” 

Orlando-based passenger Calvin Pham, in an email, said that his New Year’s plans were spoiled. In an email to USA Today, he specifically booked United’s flight to get to experience the New Year’s celebration twice. 

Phan received the notification that the flight was delayed while he was at his hotel. He pre-booked a fireworks cruise with friends in Hawaii. He said, “That was the most disappointing part for me because I’d be missing celebrating with my friends.” 

This flight from Guam to Honolulu is on-time 95% of the time according to the travel blog One Mile at a Time. 

Time Travel Flights 

Having two New Year’s Eve isn’t exactly a new concept. This can be done when flights cross the International Date Line, marking a new calendar day. And for this unique experience, passengers on purpose book these flights. 

Other airlines are also offering similar time travel flights. Cathay Pacific’s CX872 which flies from Hong Kong to San Francisco and All Nippon’s Tokyo to Los Angeles flights offer the the chance to celebrate the new year twice. But unlike United’s time travel flight, both successfully celebrated the New Year’s Eve twice. 


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