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Frontier Airlines is in the beach business. 2021 was a busy year for the company as it began its quest to be the number one choice for direct flights from the U.S. to Cancun. Earlier this year, Frontier launched flight services to Cancun 3 times per week from Dallas-Fort Worth and Miami and flight services four times per week from Orlando. On top of that, the low-cost carrier launched increased services to destinations throughout the Caribbean and new domestic destinations across the United States.

Four new Cancun directs

The low-cost airline added four new destinations from U.S. cities to Cancun to their growing list of available flights. Now available are direct flights from Boston to Cancun, a flight that comes in just under five hours. Minneapolis to Cancun, which clocks a flight-time of just north of four hours. Baltimore to Cancun, surprisingly only ten minutes shorter than Baltimore. And finally, Detroit to Cancun is a flight that lasts right at four hours. 

Frontier Airlines continued route expansion

Frontier is setting itself up for massive growth as it will continue to add flights for direct travel to Cancun. The four direct routes above set itself up to be the nation’s number one airline for the Caribbean destination. But it isn’t satisfied with that. On January 21’st, Frontier will offer twice-a-week departures from Columbus, Ohio; the following day, Raleigh, North Carolina will get the same treatment. 

The airline will then ramp it up even further in February when it adds more destinations. On February 17th, Hartford, Connecticut will offer three departures a week. The following day, Buffalo, New York will get three departures a week as well. Lastly, Providence, Rhode Island will get a weekly direct flight to Cancun beginning on February 19th. 

“Frontier has rapidly expanded its international service and continues to identify new opportunities to stimulate tourism demand with low fares and convenient flights. We now offer the most nonstop Cancun routes of any U.S. airline this winter,” stated Daniel Shurz, senior VP of commercial for Frontier Airlines.

Mark McKee
Mark McKee
Mark McKee is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.


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