digital nomad can benefit from the nomad pass by Frontier

Frontier’s Nomad Pass Offers All-You-Can-Fly Package for $1,495 

Frontier Airlines partnered with a flexible apartment leasing company to offer unlimited stays and an all-you-can-fly package in its Nomad Pass. 

The Nomad Pass was launched on Thursday, combining the Go Wild! deal with rentals managed by Landing. This costs $1,495 per month and offers both unlimited flights by Frontier and lodging at any of Landing’s rental units. Landing has around 20,000 units in more than 375 US cities. Landing announced that there will be 1,000 Nomad Passes. 

But before you buy the Nomad Pass, keep in mind that this doesn’t cover the $150 cleaning fee per stay in the units. Chief executive and the founder of Landing Bill Smith said, “It’s a really great marriage, because we have an offer that allows people to pay one rate and stay anywhere in our network, and Frontier is the only airline with an unlimited pass.”

How to Get the Nomad Pass

To avail of the Nomad Pass, travelers will have to go to Landing’s website. Plus, they should still reserve the flight via Frontier. For Go Wild! holders, they can’t get the lodging deal via an existing pass. However, they will be allowed to sign up once their subscription expires.  

Between the Go Wild! Pass and the Nomad Pass, it seems the latter offers more wiggle room for travelers. Go Wild! Pass is only limited in some areas, not to mention extra fees tend to add up. Those with Go Wild! Pass need to book domestic flights within 24 hours, plus they will most likely need to book a hotel room at the last minute. 

According to Smith, “You can plan the apartment for up to a month in advance.” There are different apartment types to choose from including studios and one-to-three-bedrooms. However, pass holders will have to pay for the extras for their flight. This means that they have to pay for seat selection, onboard meals, and checked bags.  


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