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While England is beginning to loosen the reigns on COVID restrictions, other places move in the opposite direction. After seeing new COVID cases on the rise, Italy introduced new restrictions, including the “Health Pass,” which allowed residents to show a negative test. This result allowed them to enter public areas. Now, Italy is stepping up the restrictions. 

Italy’s New COVID Restrictions

Italy was not the global jumping-off point for COVID-19 in February of 2020. It also gave governments the template of what they could expect to see if the pandemic goes unchecked. Two years later, Italy is stepping up to ensure they do not become that template again with new stricter restrictions. 

These new restrictions remove the ability of any unvaccinated person to utilize public areas simply with a negative result. Instead, these unvaccinated people will no longer be permitted in many places. Not only will the unvaccinated be barred from recreational venues, but also some more essential services. Along with cafes, restaurants, and concert halls, public transportation is also off-limits until vaccinated. 

More than Vaccinations

Italy remains one of the leaders in vaccinations, with 86% of its residents inoculated. 75% of those people are also eligible for a booster. In addition to vaccination status, the government requires residents to wear specific Ffp2 facemasks. Law Enforcement enforced these new restrictions on Monday as police arrived at train stations to check prospective passengers. 

Even with these stricter regulations, some people feel the initial fines (100 euros or $113) for refusal are too low. However, the penalties increase significantly for those in the age group entering the workforce in February. Some fines for failing to adhere to the guidelines can be as high as 1,000 euros ($1,800). 

While Italy is as much of a state of mind as a destination, that state of mind is shifting. If you want to experience the history of Rome, the wine of Tuscany, or the romance of Venice, there are new regulations effective January 10 you must follow. 

Mark McKee
Mark McKee
Mark McKee is a Travel Analyst for The Jet Set. He writes about news and events affecting the travel industry.



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