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Spirit Parts Ways with Agent Who Put a Six-Year-Old on the Wrong Flight to Orlando

A Spirit Airlines agent who mistakenly placed a six-year-old on the wrong flight is reportedly no longer working for the airline. 

The child, who was only identified as Casper, was traveling from Philadelphia on December 21. The incident happened during what the AAA described as the “busiest air travel season ever.” 

Investigation on How The Child Ended Up on The Wrong Flight

In an internal investigation, it was discovered that the child was mistakenly put on a plane to Orlando by a gate agent. The child was supposed to fly to Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers.

In a statement, Spirit said, “This agent is no longer working with Spirit, and any individual whose actions resulted in the incorrect boarding will be held accountable for failing to follow our procedures.”

The airline added that their company has “policies and procedures in place to prevent this type of situation from happening.” 

The airline already apologized to the child placed on the wrong flight. It previously said in a statement that it “took immediate steps to communicate with the family and reconnect them” after learning of the mistake.”

150 Miles Away

The six-year-old passenger’s grandmother, Maria Ramos, was waiting at the airport. She told “Good Morning America” that her grandson’s luggage landed in Southwest Florida International Airport. However, her grandson was nowhere to be found. 

Ramos said, “They told me ‘no, he’s not on this flight, he missed his flight.” She said that she spoke to a flight attendant who informed her that there were no children on the flight. Shortly after, she received a call from her grandson, only to find out he was 150 miles away. 

Ramos asked, “I want them to call me and let me know how my grandson ended up in Orlando, how did that happen?” She added, “I keep thinking about, how about if somebody would have stolen my grandson.”

However, Spirit reassured Ramos that the child was “always under the care and supervision” of their employee. 

Ramos then picked up her grandson in Orlando. Also, she said that the airline reimbursed her for traveling to Orlando. 


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