Machu Picchu Temporary Home to Stranded Tourists

There are hundreds of tourist attractions to choose from if you feel the pull of adventure. Some of them showcase the architectural marvels of the past. Others fill us with mystery. Machu Picchu is Peru’s number one tourist destination and receives approximately a million and a half visitors a year. But the Natural Heritage site is now the home of stranded tourists as Peru is plagued with protests. After the arrest of the former president, protests have shut down the rail system, causing visitors to stay in place.

Protests Strand Tourists at Machu Picchu

Peru announced a state of emergency this week after protests broke out across the nation. The action granted special police powers that limited the citizens’ right to assembly following protests that killed eight people. The demonstrations sparked after the impeachment of former President Pedro Castillo after he attempted to dissolve Congress illegally. Castillo has been charged with rebellion and conspiracy, and the protestors seek 18 months of pretrial confinement.

“We have agreed to declare a state of emergency throughout the country, due to the acts of vandalism and violence,” said Alberto Otarola. Boluarte’s defense minister. Castillo’s former vice president, Dina Boluarte, took office following his removal, dividing other Latin American leaders.

The Political Crisis Impacts Tourism

The primary way to reach Machu Picchu is by a rail system, which was shut down during the protests. Demonstrators have set up blockades around the country, making travel challenging. The company running the rail system, PeruRail, shut down the trains to keep the passengers safe.

The company is committed to assisting travelers with changing their dates, but for the moment, they are stranded in the ancient city. “We regret the inconvenience that these announcements generate for our passengers; however, they are due to situations beyond the control of our company and seek to prioritize the safety of passengers and workers,” the company said in a statement.

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