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TSA Discovers a Dog in Passenger’s Carry-On



You probably know this, but the Transportation Security Administration has a lot on its plate. They are responsible for ensuring that you are safe as you go through the airport and in the sky. Burdened with the weight of being the boots on the ground in a post-9/11 world, they also have to deal with unruly passengers. But now, and we can’t believe we have to say this, they also have to look out for animals packed in carry-on luggage, as TSA discovered a dog in a bag at Dane County Regional Airport in Madison, Wisconsin.

TSA Discovers Dog in Carry-On

The Transportation Security Agency posted an announcement on its Twitter account on December 6 with the news that a dog was left in a carry-on. The picture that accompanied the post showed a black canvas backpack and an image of the x-ray showing the animal inside. The announcement went on to say the TSA agents unintentionally put the animal through the x-ray machine. 

The post went on to show a second Tweet that had a video of a man with a cat in a vented carrier. They advised passengers that this was the correct way to fly with a pet. They also say to let the TSA agents know if you believe your pet will try to escape. 

Not the First Animal in Carry-On

While we hope this isn’t a new trend to attempt to avoid any extra fees, this isn’t the first carry-on pet. Last month, TSA discovered a cat in a bag that also went through the x-ray machine. TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein says the passenger claimed he didn’t realize the animal made its way into his bag. He missed his flight during the ordeal and had to reschedule, without the cat, of course. 

If you do plan to travel with an animal, Farbstein warns that putting it in a regular carry-on is dangerous. If, for some reason, your bag has to be checked, it could easily die in the hold. For the sake of the animal, please put them in a TSA-approved carrier so they can be taken care of the right way. The most important thing is for both of you to arrive safely.