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How to Restore Your Car After Driving Long Distances



Cars deserve to be maintained in tip-top shape. If you want your car to last as long as possible, you should be careful to take good care of it. Not only will it last you forever, but it will end up always looking amazing as well.

Wash the Outside

This is especially necessary after driving a car for a long distance. Even if you haven’t driven a huge distance recently, your vehicle needs to be maintained and washed regularly. Why? The outside is the first part that people see. It gives an immediate first impression of who you are. 

That’s why it’s always best to make sure that any dust, mud, dirt, and detritus are always scrubbed from your windows and doors. Make especially sure that you clean underneath the car. The hubcaps and wheels can be easy to miss. Use a soap made specifically for car washing and a sponge or rag that will not scratch the car with any abrasive elements.

Clean Carpets

The carpets are another detail that makes a huge difference in how your car feels. The carpets are the dirtiest parts of your car, but they often can go unnoticed underfoot. However – the moment you clean them, they make the entire car feel better. Use a powerful vacuum that has been constructed and recommended for car use. If you don’t have one, local car washes might have some on hand. 

Most cars have removable carpets that can be vacuumed and washed separately. Make sure to thoroughly clean both them and the carpet underneath. Don’t miss the upholstery either! Vacuum on and under the seats. Remove all trash from the interior.

Basic Maintenance

Especially after driving long distances, you should give your car a quick mechanical check-up to make sure everything is running properly and has what it needs. First and foremost, check your dash. Is your gasoline low? Are any engine lights on? Even if no lights are on, it’d be a good idea to check the important stuff under your hood – the oil, the wiper fluid, the power steering, the coolant, etc. – to make sure it’s not low. 

Check the air pressure and inspect each of your tires to make sure friction hasn’t rendered the tread bald and prone to skidding. A car really is your best friend. It can take you wherever you want to go and can last far longer than average if you make sure that it is maintained properly. As inconvenient as maintenance can be, it can make the difference between a minor issue and an expensive one.

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