Delta Tells Employees to Delete TikTok From Personal Devices

Social media has erupted with comments from Delta Air Lines employees about a recent communication from the company. The airline has instructed employees to remove the TikTok application from any personal devices in which company apps are also installed.

The mandate from Delta states the application cannot be used on any device in which you log in to Delta systems. This includes crew scheduling and non-rev travel apps and websites. Employees had until June 30, 2023 to either remove TikTok or remove company applications from their personal devices and can no longer access Delta systems via the web on any device in which TikTok remains installed.

Employees immediately took to social media conveying their disdain for the new rule.

“See ya later triangle apps” 

“All work apps have been deleted from my phone I’ll just use the phone they gave us”

“Hub and micrew were expeditiously removed from my phone”

“They better be paying my cell phone bill too then….”

Flight crews joked about the new rule citing upcoming conflict with their crew scheduling department:

“[Crew Scheduling]: Why didn’t you check your schedule?
ME: I don’t carry my company device when I’m off duty”

Reports state Delta instituted the rule to comply with a government mandate which requires contractors to remove TikTok from their devices. However, though the app is blocked from company-issued electronic devices, the airline took it a step further by banning the application from employee-owned and paid-for personal devices in which company information is accessed.

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Bobby Laurie
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