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What to Do If You Get Nervous on Airplanes



Flying can be stressful for various reasons. Many people are anxious due to going through security or getting through an airport, but it can also be anxiety-inducing to actually fly. Some are worried about turbulence, unexpected delays, or the threat of something going wrong. There are a variety of reasons why flying could cause someone to be anxious. If you get nervous on planes, then it’s worth exploring a few options to ease your stress and help you fly more comfortably.

Try Relaxation Techniques

If you’re worried, then you should begin by finding ways to help you feel calmer. There are a variety of relaxation techniques that you can try. Breathing exercises are very common and arguably the easiest to do especially on a plane. Taking time to focus on your breathing and to breathe deeply helps you to relax and it calms your entire body. You could also try meditation or mindfulness. Try some positive thinking or listen to relaxing music. Everyone is different, so you should find which techniques work best for you. In some cases, people can experience anxiety attacks on the plane. If you believe this applies to you, you should look into techniques that will specifically aid with this.

Take Medication or Supplements

Fortunately, there are a variety of medications and supplements available that you can try to help you feel calmer when flying. If being nervous on planes is a consistent issue, you might consider talking to your doctor about getting a prescription for anxiety medication or any other medication to help you feel calmer. There are also plenty of over-the-counter medications or supplements you can use. There are supplements meant specifically for anxiety to help you stay calm. Magnesium is a common supplement taken to ease stress or anxiety. You can also turn to other herbal remedies. There are plenty of options to consider. For example, CBD gummies can help you manage stress and get better sleep. So taking a few of these may be able to help you sleep through the troubles of flying.

Distract Yourself

In some cases, your worry may be unavoidable. If this happens, you can distract yourself from your worries. Distractions are helpful because it keeps you focused on something else so any anxiety you experience is less noticeable. You can distract yourself with activities to keep you busy on your flight. If you’re traveling with others, you could play a game. Many people enjoy watching movies on flights. This is a great option because it takes up plenty of time and keeps you engaged. You could also read a book or listen to a podcast. Do things that you enjoy so you don’t think about being nervous. 

Flying can be frightening for many and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you get nervous on planes, you should discover what can help you have a more comfortable flight. Consider combining a few strategies for best results. The more you have in your arsenal, the more prepared you can be to deal with your nerves.

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