Car Features That Are Vital to Road Safety at Night

Since cars were first invented, car companies have striven to add car features that make driving safer for every driver. Because driving at night is potentially more dangerous due to low visibility, many of these features focused on this issue. 

These are some of the car features that are vital to road safety at night.

Lane Departure Warning Systems

The first car feature that can help you stay safe while driving at night is a lane departure warning system. In many newer cars, this system will alert you if you stray from your lane into the one next to you. This can be incredibly helpful when driving at night because the visibility is more limited than during the day. 

These systems will let you know if you start to go too far into another lane, which could be dangerous. This is also helpful to note whether or not you’re too drowsy to be driving. If you find yourself nodding off and straying into another lane, this system will warn you, and you can stop somewhere close to rest for a while.


The number one safety feature that every car has to keep you safe at night is headlights. It’s difficult to see ahead of you at night because the road isn’t easily illuminated in the dark. If you don’t have some sort of light to see, it would be very dangerous to drive. Headlights allow you more visibility while you’re driving at night by shining a light on the road ahead of you. 

Because this car feature is so vital, it’s important to maintain your headlights and make sure they’re always in good condition. The polycarbonate material they’re built from makes headlights prone to dirt. If they get dirty, they don’t work as well and you won’t be able to see. Having them cleaned can ensure that you maintain your visibility while driving at night.

Blind Spot Monitoring

One of the ways people most often get into accidents on the road is by not checking their blind spot before switching lanes. There is a spot in your line of vision where you may not be able to see a car in the lane next to you. If you switch lanes without checking your blind spot, you could potentially crash into the car next to you. Newer cars have developed a feature where a small light attached to the side mirror will turn on when a car is in your blind spot. This feature is great because it can stop drivers from merging and crashing into another vehicle. At night, this feature is especially useful because you don’t have to rely on your ability to see the car to know it’s there.

Driving at night would be incredibly dangerous without the car safety features mentioned above. These features address some of the most dangerous parts of driving in low visibility and resolved them so that they no longer are issues. These are some of the main safety features that keep you safe when driving at night.

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