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What to Know Before Getting Married on an Island



One of the most beautiful, scenic places you can get married is on an island. With the ocean behind you, you can begin your life with your new spouse. To make sure that your island wedding goes off without a hitch, be sure to consider the following elements.

Book Your Reservations Early

One of the most important parts of planning a destination wedding is booking your reservations well in advance. Popular island sites can attract a lot of people, especially during the wedding season. If you don’t reserve your venues early enough, you won’t be able to get married where or when you’d like. This means that you’ll likely need to plan your wedding pretty far ahead

As quickly as you can, reserve your venue, and the hotel where the wedding party will stay. This is the first step in ensuring your island wedding goes off without a hitch. This also means that you’ll need to sort out your guest list before making these reservations to ensure that you get enough rooms for all of your guests. 

Do a Preview Trip

Next up on the must-dos for any island wedding is doing a preview trip. You’re planning the best day of your life, and you need to make sure that the island you’ve chosen is the best place for the trip. Take a pre-wedding trip with your fiancé to the island, and do all you can to take in the sights. If your island wedding is taking place far from home, you’ll want to use local vendors to fulfill your wedding needs. 

Look at your venue, and meet with locals who are helping you prepare your wedding. Local florists, bakers, decorators, and more will all go into making your wedding day the best possible. Being in the area will give you the chance to meet with these people personally and get things in order. Destination weddings can go more smoothly if you visit the location beforehand.

Decide on the Guest List

As scenic and wonderful as destination weddings can be, they are also more expensive than local weddings. This means that your guest list needs to be even more refined to ensure that you only pay for the people you want to be there. Depending on your wedding budget, you can go about this a few different ways. First, you can pay the travel expenses of all of your guests to ensure they can come. If you have a large enough budget, this is a great way to ensure that all your friends and family are a part of your big day. If you can’t spend that much, you can always have your guests pay their way and hope that they can make it.

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, which means setting it in your favorite place. Planning a destination wedding means you can say your vows in some of the most beautiful places in the world. However, when you decide to have an island wedding, these should be some of your main considerations.

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