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In recent years, plant-based milk alternatives like oat milk have become incredibly popular, progressing from small coffee shops to the shelves of the largest supermarkets in the country. You may be surprised to learn that oat milk has a variety of uses beyond your morning cup of coffee – including taking the place of traditional dairy in some of your most beloved recipes.

Why oat milk? Well, it’s a dairy-free milk derived from plant-based ingredients, using oats as its base. That means it does not contain any dairy from cows, or any animal-based byproducts. It is suitable for people with allergies, dairy intolerances, or those who follow a plant-based or vegan diet. Oat milk is a good source of a number of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, including fiber, calcium, and vitamin B12. Oat milk is also better for the environment, providing a more sustainable, less taxing dairy alternative.

According to a recent survey conducted on behalf of Oatly, 71% of Americans would consider swapping in plant-based products in place of dairy when cooking or baking, demonstrating an increasing curiosity around the potential of dairy-free alternatives in the kitchen.


by Virgin America Flight Attendant
TJ Newman



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