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How to Invest in Your Favorite Vacation Spot

Vacation destinations are important to you for the comfort, relaxation, and fun memories they hold. Visiting them every once in a while may not be enough to satiate the desire to be there! If you want to turn your temporary-but-beloved getaway into a true home away from home, here are a few ways you can invest in that favorite vacation spot and build a connection to the area you won’t regret!

Own Local Businesses

Utilize your talents and skills to provide a good or service that can make this great place even better. Put your name and resources into a local business! This could be a company that is open only for the duration of your summer or winter stays, or a place that remains open and remotely run (with some on-site help, of course) while you are home. Owning a local business connects you not only to the place itself, but the people living in it. This is a great way to create bonds and a loyal support system within a community that you love. Not only does this increase the need to visit the spot more frequently, it also provides you a source of income and provides the community with a valuable resource.

Build a Vacation Home

What’s better than renting a home in that favorite spot? Building it! Home builders take care of everything from start to finish. You decide what features are most important, the budget you can commit to, and more. Then, whenever you are not utilizing the property, you can use it as a secondary source of income as you rent the space out to tourists and visitors. Real estate and rentals are an incredibly lucrative part of the tourism industry, so take advantage of the chance to have a vacation home you love while making money from it!

Have All the Fun Toys

Your home isn’t the only thing that can be valuable for other tourists. Even if you have no property in that area, you can buy a storage space that contains resources like tools, toys and more that others will pay to use! Boats for lake excursions, ATVs for hills and dunes, whatever applies to the area in question is a valuable resource you can rent out to others. This also allows you easy and guaranteed access to those resources whenever you are in town!


Put some money-making roots into your favorite places and let it become as financially beneficial as it is mentally, emotionally and physically beneficial for you!

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by Virgin America Flight Attendant
TJ Newman



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