Tips for Planning a Road Trip With a Group of Friends

Going on a road trip with friends is an incredible bonding experience. The perfect stress-free road trip includes friends, food, places to discover and laughter. You can plan the perfect trip by making sure everyone pitches in, renting a vehicle, and preparing an itinerary ahead of time.

Make Sure Everyone Pitches In

Road trips can be expensive! The cost of the vehicle, gas, food, and lodging ads up. However, when costs are evenly divided, they are much more manageable. Make sure everyone pitches in with costs. You can either estimate costs before going, institute a pay as you go, or tally up costs at the end of your trip. You could also use apps to keep track of the finances and split them evenly between your friends. Either way, it will be more fun for everyone if they have a chance to contribute to the overall cost. This makes everyone feel a part of the team.

Rent a Vehicle

Depending on the length and status of your personal car, a road trip can put a lot of use on your car. Long hours, cramped spaces, and hundreds of miles take their toll on a car. When planning a road trip, it is wise to rent a vehicle. Renting limits unnecessary car maintenance costs and reduces stress put on your personal vehicle. Renting also lets you select a larger vehicle to bring more luggage or friends. A bigger car like a Suburban can hold up to 8 people. Give yourself the space you need with a vehicle that will be reliable for your trip by renting.

Prepare an Itinerary

By preparing an itinerary with friends, you make sure everyone has input on where they want to go and what they want to see. It also allows you to make staying accommodations, event reservations, and find the optimal driving route. Not everyone wants to feel pressure to get from point A to B. A loose itinerary can still help ensure all the necessary details are taken care of. Whether you are a planner or just along for the ride, take the time to prepare an itinerary to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Road trips give you an opportunity to slow down and discover the world. Going with friends will give you a chance to form closer relationships. Reduce stress and help everyone get the trip they want by planning ahead.

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