Modern Slot Games To Play

Our world is becoming more automated as the internet gains momentum and sweeps everything in its path. Human-performed tasks and responsibilities have been supplanted by technology. 

Contracts are now “smart,” along with construction, manufacturing lines, quality control, logistics, and analytics. 

However, it does not end there. Many of our recreational activities have moved online. Currently, fewer people purchase in shops, preferring to do it online. Moreover, even physical activity might be irrevocably altered in a virtual reality environment, as we have witnessed with slot games for real money.

The list below will be a great start if you are looking for modern online slot games with real money.

Street Fighter II

As of 2020, the top casino game to play is the Street Fighter II slot machine. Especially if you’re 30 or older and have screamed “Hadouken” and “Shoryuken” for quite some time 

In addition to a variety of additional features (such as combat mode and beat-the-boss), the RTP of this new NetEnt slot changes depending on the character you pick. Ryu’s RTP of 96.02 percent makes him the worst bet, yet he’s still the most popular. Choose Chun Li, Blanka or Russia’s old-timer Zangief to maximize your chances of a winning combination.

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay

Two of the most notable features of this Play’n Go slot machine are the retro black and white artwork and animations that carry you back to the original Mickey Mouse in 1928. 

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay is one of the best new slots of 2020 because of its fast-paced jazzy music and a huge choice of bonuses. 

As a bonus, the game’s rules centre on the three-reel fruit slots’ regular features, so you can enable it to revisit a theme that never goes out of style.

Agent Destiny

Play’n Go’s Agent Destiny is a comic-book-inspired slot machine that seems straight out of the pages. 

Having five reels, 20 paylines, and an RTP of 96.26 percent, this game has one of the greatest sounds and visuals in real money gaming.

4 squad

Since several well-known brands have opted to take a vacation from gambling, the greatest superhero-themed slots have all but vanished from the market in recent years. 

4squad is a new slot machine from Red Tiger released in 2020. Bonus features and cascading reels are among the many available options in this seven-reel slot machine. Each of the four superheroes in the 4Squad slot machine has a unique talent. 

Pink Elephant 2

As you search for as many pink elephants as possible, you’ll be accompanied by trippy music and some of the game’s most astute goats. 

Pink Elephants 2 is the spectacular sequel to one of the most popular slot machines we’ve seen recently, created by Thunderkick. With 4096 chances to win and an RTP percentage of 96.13, this new video slot is a winner.

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