Who Should Use Travel Credit Cards?

Travel credit cards can be an excellent way to put your travel expenses to good use: namely, saving money on future trips. Most travel credit cards are broken down into one of three categories: hotel credit cards, airline credit cards, or general travel credit cards. While most travel credit cards come with a substantial annual fee, the value received could well be worth it for frequent travelers.

Families Who Travel

There is no question about it; family trips cost a lot of money. Between airfare, hotel accommodations, entertainment, and food, the price tag on a family vacation can climb quickly. If you take frequent vacations, your family would benefit from travel credit cards, according to NerdWallet. Airline cards allow you to rack up points for each mile traveled which, when built up, can earn you free tickets on future flights. With hotel credit cards, you can earn points toward free hotel stays that you can put to use during future vacations. Families who regularly travel across the country, or even globally, to visit loved ones should also consider using travel credit cards. In addition to saving money on future trips, travel credit cards generally offer travel protection and other perks.


Businesses also benefit from using travel credit cards. Just like families, businesses can save money on future travel expenses by earning points through travel credit cards. In addition to travel credits, many travel cards for business offer points when used to purchase other common business items such as internet services, office supplies, and even restaurant food. Additional exciting perks offered by some travel credit cards are free travel upgrades, free checked bags, access to airport lounges, trip insurance, and up to 3x the points on certain purchases. Some business travel cards even come with no annual fee. Just be conscientious about making sure that your business credit cards are paid on time. Franchise Gator reminds us that paying off your credit cards quickly will help you avoid high-interest rates.

Responsible Spenders

If you have the self-discipline to pay the full balance on your credit card each month, you might want to consider putting all of your expenses on a travel credit card. When you pay with cash or a debit card, you forego any benefits that a credit card can offer. By putting all of your monthly expenses on your travel credit card and paying it off each month, you can rack up points toward future travel expenses very quickly. 

Travel credit cards aren’t for everyone. If you lack self-control when it comes to your spending or you don’t like to travel, you should look at different options. However, if you are financially responsible and a savvy traveler, a travel credit card may be just the thing you need!

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