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Common Repair Issues That Happen with Vacation Homes

Vacation homes can be a very lucrative investment. As the owner, you have a place to take a vacation to at any point as well as use the home as a source of income, using it as a rental vacation property. With use, however, comes repairs that must be made. Keep reading to learn the common repair issues that occur with vacation homes.

Wildlife Damage

Animals have been known to cause major damage to buildings and property. Wildlife seeking shelter, food, or enticed by anything else in your home can pose a threat. Even a woodpecker can cause damage to your exterior, a mouse looking for a warm corner, or an unexpected creature looking for food. With a vacation home where wildlife may be more abundant or the home occupied less often, there is an even greater risk of animals finding their way into your home or causing damage around the property. It is wise to purchase home insurance where, with a few exceptions, your home policy should cover damage caused by wild animals.

Weather Damage

As the seasons change, your vacation property undergoes a lot of stress. Changing elements between hot and cold can take a toll on your home. Temperature changes can pose dangers to your roof, especially during colder months. Heavy rain or severe storms can also cause damage to the exterior integrity, as well as plumbing and electricity. It is important to perform frequent maintenance to prevent problems from getting out of control and to check on the property after each major storm.

Property Damage 

Unfortunately, property damage does occur from time to time whether from guests staying in your home or from a burglar. Prior to opening your vacation home, it is wise to document everything. Keep receipts for the cost of furniture and expensive items, purchase home insurance that will protect you from theft. Documenting everything will help you identify when an item has been damaged, the price value, and the extent of the damage. Keep up-to-date photos of your vacation property as an added measure of safety in documenting and keeping track of your valuables.

Most repairs are dependent on your maintenance strategy. When you or a hired individual is diligent about checking the home and performing necessary maintenance, large issues are much less likely. With your vacation home, be sure to check for wildlife damage, weather damage, and property damage!

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