Dreamworks’ Gabby’s Dollhouse and Unicef Partner on Gabby’s Kid Power Challenge to Mark World Children’s Day


DreamWorks Animation and UNICEF have teamed up for Gabby’s Kid Power Challenge, a ‘cat-tastic’ program that gives kids the power to make a positive impact for children in need around the world. By watching Gabby’s Kid Power Challenge videos on YouTube Kids, children can learn valuable social-emotional lessons while contributing towards making a lasting change for kids around the world.
As kids watch along, kitty hearts will be added to a kitty bank on www.GabbysKidPowerChallenge.com. Once the kitty bank is full, families can choose to support an area of UNICEF’s work –from nutrition, education and emergencies—that DreamWorks’ $400,000 donation can go to.

Examples of what the money donated by DreamWorks could help fund include therapeutic food packs for children with severe acute malnutrition, school supplies for many children across the world who can’t afford back-to-school basics or attend underfunded schools and emergency supplies such as blankets for children and families who have been displaced from their homes by emergencies. By participating in this challenge, children will learn that they can help ensure that more children around the world are able to access their basic rights.

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