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Tips for the Perfect Summer BBQ

Calling all grill masters! Summer is here and as the weather heats up and days get longer, many of us are heading outside, uncovering the grill, and starting to prep for our next backyard BBQ.

Few things say summertime like a BBQ party, but before we send out the invites, there are a couple things aspiring grill masters should be doing to set themselves up for success.

One tip? Making sure your grill is up to the task. Lodge’s Sportsman’s Pro Cast Iron Grill is a rugged, hibachi-style grill that can take your cooking to the next level, whether grilling in the backyard, on the road, or at a tailgate party. From smoking your favorite meat to charring up seasonal veggies on the grill, the Sportsman’s Pro Grill can be used to create a variety of flavors with a pre-seasoned grate for an easy-release finish that improves with use.


by Virgin America Flight Attendant
TJ Newman



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