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How to Be a Safe Driver on Your Vacation

While on vacation, you want to make sure safety is a priority. It’s complicated if you are injured or face any other unexpected circumstances while away from home. Driving safely while on vacation is just one way to protect yourself. 

Get to Know Local Traffic Laws 

Before traveling, take some time to look up the local traffic laws. These laws vary from state to state and even between counties. If you don’t know the laws, there’s an increased risk of getting into accidents. This is especially true when all the local drivers know the laws and expect you to follow them as well. 

If you don’t, you could surprise other drivers and cause an accident by violating the laws. Additionally, knowing the laws helps you avoid getting a ticket. Being pulled over while receiving a ticket will certainly put a damper on your vacation. 

Watch Out for Road Rage 

Often, accidents are caused by drivers becoming overly emotional and acting on impulse. While on vacation, you should do your best to avoid road rage. You’re in an unfamiliar place and you don’t want to make sure you’re always in your right mind. 

Reducing your stress can lower testosterone levels and reduce road rage. Try playing calming music while driving. Have navigation systems on so you don’t stress about where you’re going. Ask those in the car to be patient with you and to help out when it’s needed. 

Be Safe When Driving Long Distance 

If you’re going on a road trip, you need to be aware of how to drive safely when going long distances. While on a freeway for hours at a time, it’s easy to become sleepy or distracted. Make sure you always have a passenger with you to talk with and keep you awake. It’s even more helpful if you can switch off driving. Taking breaks regularly also helps decrease fatigue. Keep yourself entertained. Listening to music, an audiobook, or even a movie can help keep you engaged. Bringing snacks is also a good idea because it gives your body a boost of energy while you drive. 


It’s important to be safe no matter where you’re driving. However, if you’re on vacation there’s an increased risk of getting in an accident since you’re in a new place. Make sure you keep safety in mind as you drive to and around your destination. 

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by Virgin America Flight Attendant
TJ Newman



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