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Shipping & Return Information

Shipping & Refund Information

COVID-19 Shipping Update

Due to the global reduction in workforce caused by COVID-19, shipping and delivery times for items other than “Logo Gear” may range from 30-55 days. Although it hasn’t yet taken that amount of time for customers to receive their order, we felt it important to notify you that it is a possibility.
We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Shipping Information

Products sold through The Jet Set’s “Shop” platform are shipped from different vendors and warehouses around the world. Therefore, shipping and delivery timelines vary.
Because products are shipping from different locations you may be charged separate shipping fees for each item, or a group of items. If you paid a FREE SHIPPING item with an item that doesn’t offer FREE SHIPPING you will incur a shipping fee for the items that isn’t listed as offering free shipping.
Unless otherwise noted, Logo Gear items generally ship and are delivered within 14 business days from initial purchase.
All other items will ship within 7 business days, but delivery may take between 30-50 days due to the global workforce reduction caused by COVID-19.
Not all items will ship with tracking information. If you do not receive your item after 50 days please contact [email protected] to inquire about the status of your order.


Note: Not all items sold through The Jet Set Shop are returnable. Because a lot of our items are custom and personalized, they cannot be returned.
If you have an issue with an item, haven’t received an item and wish to cancel an order, or return an item please email us at [email protected] to discuss the options that are available.

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