Business Trip Packing Ideas

Business Trip Packing Ideas

If you’re planning your first vacation or business trip in awhile, you may be a little rusty when it comes to packing. Here are some tried and true tips to keep in mind.

First, it’s always a good idea to make a list of everything you need to bring. Start one a few days — or even weeks — before your departure and add items as you think of them. Try to remember back to your last few trips. Think about what you didn’t need and what you wish you’d packed.

Check the weather forecast for your destination, both daytime and nighttime. Lay everything out on the bed, think about what you’re really going to wear, then try to put back a couple of items. When it comes to shirts and sweaters, never underestimate the power of good layering that will keep you comfortable in all temperatures.

Once you have everything assembled, put heavier items, like shoes, at the bottom of your suitcase. Roll up your clothes so that they take up less space in your suitcase. If you’re going straight to dinner or a meeting once you arrive, put the clothes you’ll need on top, so they’ll be less likely to wrinkle and you won’t have to dig to find them.

You probably remember the 3-1-1 rule. The Transportation Security Administration allows you to bring one quart-size bag of 3.4-ounces containers of liquids, aerosols, gels and creams in your carry-on luggage. There’s one exception to that rule. Until further notice, the agency will allow you to bring a container of up to 12 ounces of liquid hand sanitizer in your carry-on bag.

If business travel is taking you to a hot and sunny destination, it’s easy to forget some things as you’re packing, especially if you’re coming from a cold climate and all of your summer clothes are packed away at home.

Sure, you have your daytime business attire ready to go. But don’t forget that you’ll need some cool, casual clothes, including short-sleeved shirts and footwear, in the evening, whether you’ve got a work-related dinner or you’re just relaxing.

If your trip is taking you to a cold climate, you’ll obviously need a good pair of warm gloves. Look for touchscreen gloves so that you can use your smartphone while you have them on. And remember that the sun can be bright in winter, so pack your sunglasses, too. Bring a pair with polarized lenses that will keep out the glare and are durable enough to last through the rigors of business travel.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, don’t forget plugs and cables for electronic devices. For overseas trips, make sure you have the proper voltage converter and, of course, don’t forget your passport. You should make a copy of the page with your photo so you can carry that and leave the passport in your hotel safe.

Nikki Noya
Nikki Noya
Nikki Noya is a mom, athlete, wellness coach, personal trainer, and co-host of The Jet Set. She’s traveled the world as a professional volleyball player and strives to empower everyone to achieve vibrancy, energy, radiance, and beautiful health through fitness, nutrition, and balance.


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